New competency process planned for clinical team members

System Updates

Ballad Health is changing the process for how clinical team members do their competencies, moving away from TEDS and paper and transitioning to HealthStream. This will allow for streamlined completion and recordkeeping.

Historically, Ballad Health has used several methods for completing clinical competencies, and leaders have been responsible for knowing the process for their area. This change will move all clinical team members to a single, more standardized approach for competency management.

We will make the transition in stages, with the first group – all new nursing team members who work on a med/surg, PCU or ICU – making the change effective Sunday, July 3, for their initial competency validation. These competencies are now validated using a competency checklist assessment in HealthStream.

More details will be announced as we prepare other groups of our clinical team members for the transition to the new HealthStream format.


As a refresher, competencies are the ability to integrate knowledge, skills and behaviors, in relation to the mission, vision and values of Ballad Health. They are an essential part of the review for clinical team members and it is important all clinical team members are assessed for competency on an ongoing basis to ensure patient safety.

Clinical vs. nonclinical

Clinical is defined as staff who provide patient care, treatment or services. Clinical staff includes, but is not limited to, radiology, lab, Ballad Health Medical Associates groups, etc. Refer to the document Job Utilization Category – Ballad Health in the policy manager for more information about clinical vs nonclinical roles, if needed.

Please note that nonclinical team members will not be required to complete competencies per policy and instead will be deemed competent through their annual performance appraisal. The annual performance appraisal for all Ballad Health team members will begin in September.

For more information

Step-by-step instructions for completing this process, as well as other competency resources, can be located on the Clinical Education or Organizational Development department sites (Clinical Competency Resources). The policy (Competency Assessments HR-200-015-BH) can also provide additional information on competencies at Ballad Health.

Click here to read a list of frequently asked questions about the changes to clinical competencies.

Please look for more information to be communicated as we continue to transition to all competency validation processes being done online via HealthStream.