Ballad Health offers several great clinical resources to team members — including EBSCO and Dynamic Health

System Updates
Here’s how Dynamic Health displays within the EBSCO site.

We follow evidence-based practice to make the best clinical decisions for our patients – a key to improving patient outcomes and overall healthcare quality. To make the latest evidence-based practice resources accessible for all team members, Ballad Health offers EBSCO (Elton B. Stephens Company) on the Ballad Health intranet main page and within Epic.

With a single click, team members can access medical databases, expert-based clinical decision support content and also a nursing resource called Dynamic Health.

Dynamic Health for nurses

Dynamic Health is designed to help nurses and allied health professionals master skills, obtain fast answers to questions and foster a culture of evidence-based practice and critical thinking, with opportunities for continuing education.

It is an evidence-based system with patient skills videos, information about nursing skills and resources on tests, labs, disease processes, conditions and treatments. There’s also a detailed drug guide for health professionals and resources about physical/occupational therapies, speech, nutrition and social work.

Contact hours can be earned by creating a personal user account.

How to access EBSCO and Dynamic Health

  • EBSCO is on the Ballad Health intranet main page under “Quick Links.”
  • EBSCO is also available in the toolbar in Epic.
  • Dynamic Health is found within EBSCO, where team members can create a free Dynamic Health account.
  • Dynamic Health also has a free app, available for download at the Apple and Android app stores, to make it even more convenient for team members.

More information

You can access additional information about the EBSCO/Dynamic Health page by visiting the Clinical Education site on the Ballad Health intranet. The page contains information on how to register, gain access and earn continuing education credit, and has a direct link into EBSCO. NOTE: You must be on a Ballad Health network device to access the intranet.

If you have questions about EBSCO or Dynamic Health, contact Renee Barlow, system clinical educator, at or 423-431-6842.