Annual team member performance appraisals to be completed Sept. 2-Nov. 30

System Updates

The performance appraisal period for Ballad Health starts on Friday, Sept. 2, so it is important to start thinking about this essential work now.

General information on the performance appraisal period:

  • Annual performance appraisals are to be completed between Sept. 2 and Nov. 30 for Ballad Health team members.
  • The 12-month period for which team members’ performance is being reviewed is Sept. 1, 2021, through Aug. 31, 2022.
  • Team members hired after July 31, 2022, will not be included in the appraisal process this year.
  • No peer rating or self-assessments will occur this year.
  • Any alternate raters selected for the responsibility of evaluating team member performance will also be responsible for final sign-off to close the team member appraisal.
  • Reviews for the performance appraisals should take place in person, when possible, but can also be done remotely again this year.

Additional information on this process can be accessed on the OD intranet site. These leader resources include links to an instructional PowerPoint about the annual performance appraisals at Ballad Health, a PDF tip sheet for instructions on completing performance appraisals and a link to a video in HealthStream for more in-depth education on the process. NOTE: You must be on a Ballad Health network device to access the Ballad Health intranet.

The annual increase will be effective the pay period beginning Jan. 1, 2023, and reflected on the Jan. 20, 2023, paycheck.

  • Eligible team members with a hire date prior to July 1, 2021, will receive the full 4% annual increase.
  • Eligible team members with a hire date between July 1, 2021, and May 31, 2022, will receive a prorated increase based on their hire month. See chart below for a breakdown of the percentage increase based on hire month.
  • Team members with a hire date after May 31, 2022, are not eligible to receive an increase in January 2023.