Message from HR: Important reminders about our new benefit plan year

Benefits & HR

This Friday, July 1, marks the beginning of the new fiscal year and the effective date of the Ballad Health benefits you selected during open enrollment. The premium deduction for benefits will occur on the July 8, 2022, paycheck.

Here’s a rundown of the key benefits being offered:

MEDICAL – The Ballad Health Choice, Ballad Health Bronze and Ballad Health PPO (if applicable) plan deductibles and out-of-pocket accumulators start over on July 1. The medical plan provider directories are available online at Click on the resources tab to review the provider listings. You can also review the provider directories on the Ballad Health intranet by clicking on Ballad Health Benefits and Network providers. Deductible, out-of-pocket and claim information can be viewed online by creating a member account on the BlueCross BlueShield website ( If you newly elected a Ballad Health medical plan and have not received your ID cards, or if you need additional cards, please call BlueCross BlueShield at 800-565-9140. Note: If you made no changes to your medical plan, you can continue to use your current BlueCross BlueShield ID card.

HEALTH SAVINGS ACCOUNT (HSA) – Optum Bank will mail welcome kits and ID cards to new account holders. If you are not new to Optum Bank, continue using your current card. If your account is fully opened with Optum Bank, the Ballad Health company contribution will be deposited into your HSA account by July 8. The employer contribution is based on your enrollment in the Choice medical plan: $250 deposit for team member only and $500 for team member plus children or family coverage. The contributions you elected during open enrollment into the HSA will be deducted on the July 8 paycheck. Contributions can be changed at any time during the year. Visit the Ballad Health benefits page on the Ballad Health intranet to start, stop or change your HSA contribution. For additional questions or information about your account, contact Optum Bank at 844-326-7967 or

PRESCRIPTION DRUG PLAN – The prescription drug plan is administered by OptumRx. The plan shares the same deductible and out-of-pocket maximums with the medical plan, which begins July 1 of each year. When filling your prescriptions at a Ballad Health Pharmacy, you will pay the lowest coinsurance for prescriptions. If you newly elected the medical plan and have not received a separate pharmacy ID card, or if you need additional cards, please call OptumRx at 800-807-5996.

WELLNESS PROGRAM – If you and/or your covered spouse are nicotine users and you did not complete the FY22 nicotine education program, the medical premium you pay for medical coverage (excluding Bronze plan) will reflect the tobacco premium on the July 8 paycheck. You can lower your premium by completing a Ballad Health-approved tobacco/nicotine education program and submitting a certificate of completion. Watch for information to be sent to you from the wellness team with the steps you need to take to the complete the education and how to submit the certificate to lower your medical premium.

EMPLOYEE ASSISTANCE PROGRAM (EAP) – All benefit-eligible team members and covered dependents on the medical plan are eligible for EAP behavioral health counseling services. The program provides 10 free visits each plan year. Additional visits are available and will be filed with your medical plan coverage subject to plan benefits, which may include deductible and coinsurance amounts.  For an appointment, please call 423-302-3480.

DENTAL PLAN – The dental plan is administered by Delta Dental Plan of TN. Deductibles and plan maximums begin July 1 of each year. For specific details about your plans, or to order a new ID card, contact Delta Dental at 800-223-3104. Locate the provider directory at

VISION PLAN – The vision plan is administered by VSP and plan benefits begin July 1 of each year. VSP does not issue ID cards, but your vision provider will file claims directly to VSP for you. Simply tell your provider that you have VSP insurance through your employer. Locate the provider directory at or call VSP at 800-877-7195.

FLEXIBLE SPENDING ACCOUNTS – Optum Bank administers the flexible spending accounts, both medical spending account and dependent care account. If you are new to either of these accounts, you will receive a debit card in the mail from Optum Bank. If you renewed your account from the current year, you will continue to use your current card. For questions or additional information about your account, please call Optum Bank at 800-243-5543.

VOLUNTARY PLANS – If you enrolled in one of the voluntary benefit plans during open enrollment – including critical illness, accident, identity protection, legal, whole life, pet insurance, home/auto or purchasing power – the plan effective date is July 1. Deductions for coverage will begin on the July 8 paycheck.

AIRMEDCARE – If you enrolled in the air flight membership program with AirMedCare, the one-time payroll deduction for enrollment will be taken on the July 8 paycheck.

If you have any questions about any of your benefit plans, please call HR4U at 423-431-4748 or email