Infor CloudSuite project update: New online feedback form and project timeline

Benefits & HR

As you may have heard already, Ballad Health is transitioning from its current Lawson system to the upgraded Infor CloudSuite system. This is what we use for an array of tasks – including accessing pay history and tax documents, viewing and enrolling in benefits, setting up direct deposit and much more.

At the end of 2022 and start of 2023, we will transition to Infor CloudSuite, the latest software version, which will update and improve many of the internal systems our team members rely on every day.

For more on this project, visit our Infor CloudSuite Information Center on

Our Infor CloudSuite Implementation Program is making good progress and the project team is diligently working through testing daily business processes of the new Infor system. Given the outstanding progress made by the team, we are excited to bring two new pieces of functionality to the Infor CloudSuite Information Center – the “Ask a Question” form and the official project timeline graphic.

Ask a Question form

The Ask a Question form is a powerful tool that allows you, as team members, to communicate directly with the Infor CloudSuite project team. The form will have fields for you to select which subject area your question pertains to, what your question is, and any additional notes/comments you may have for the project team.

All questions will be answered by a member of the project team within a 48-hour period. For a visual representation of how your question will be answered, please refer to the image below:

The benefits of the form include not only the ability for bi-directional communication to happen with the project team and employees, but it also offers the ability to keep the project’s Frequently Asked Questions section refreshed and up-to-date with questions that reflect your curiosity. The team believes that in order to buy in, you must have the ability to weigh in – and with that principle in mind, they are ready and waiting to communicate with you about the project and answer any questions you have.

Timeline graphic for the project

The project team is also excited to formally announce the project timeline graphic.


As you can see in the above image, the team has made significant progress since kickoff in November 2021, and we are excited to bring to the larger Ballad Health audience the full Infor CloudSuite system in early January 2023. Currently in the system integrated testing phase of the project, the team is eagerly looking forward to the user training phase of the project, expected to begin at the end of October.

Additional communications, training materials and scheduled training sessions will release closer to the training phase start for Ballad Health team members whose daily business processes will be modified by the project.