Ballad Health implementing Nurse Ambassador Program to strengthen our nursing workforce

System Updates

As part of our effort to strengthen our nursing workforce, Ballad Health is implementing a Nurse Ambassador Program, where some of our current nurses can return to their alma mater and talk about the opportunities and benefits of working at Ballad Health.

Nurses who join the program can earn a $1,500 bonus for each new nurse they recruit!

Key details about the program

  • The schools we are targeting are just outside Ballad Health’s geographic footprint, between two and four hours’ driving distance from Johnson City, Tennessee.
  • Eligible nurses can apply by emailing Academic Recruitment Liaison Amanda Blevins at The email should include your name, position, work location, phone number, alma mater and direct supervisor’s name and title. Nurses must be licensed and in good standing and have their nurse manager’s verbal recommendation, which will be obtained by the human resources department.
  • Traveling nurses are not eligible for the Nurse Ambassador Program.
  • Participants will be interviewed by a Ballad Health nurse recruiter as part of the application process.
  • Nurse Ambassadors will be paid at their regular rates for their work as an Ambassador, and they will have their travel expenses paid.
  • The $1,500 bonus is paid for recruiting nurses who accept a full-time or part-time benefited position with Ballad Health.
  • We have good representation in nurse recruitment in our geographic footprint so this program does not apply to nurses whose alma mater is close by and within a two hour driving distance of Johnson City, Tennessee; or to nursing schools that are beyond a four hour drive time (sorry, no plane flights!). Instead, this recruitment effort applies to colleges and universities that are slightly outside of our primary and secondary service areas. The Human Resources Department will provide additional details on this soon.

Nurses who are selected as Nurse Ambassadors will be provided materials to use in their presentations and recruiting efforts, and they will be trained on how the process works.

To inquire about the Nurse Ambassador Program, please contact Amanda Blevins, academic recruitment liaison, at

This is a great way for us to make more connections to nursing colleges surrounding the Appalachian Highlands and to build up our nursing workforce – which will be a great benefit to our existing nurses!

For more information, please contact Ballad Health’s recruitment team at 423-302-3299.

Here’s a list of frequently asked questions about our Nurse Ambassador Program.