As we recognize Healthcare Week and Nurses Week, we say ‘thank you’ to all our healthcare heroes

From the CEO

NOTE: This email was sent from Alan Levine, president and CEO of Ballad Health, to all Ballad Health team members on Thursday, May 5.

Dear Colleague,

Tomorrow marks the beginning of a special week of recognition as Ballad Health celebrates each of you during National Nurses Week and Healthcare Week. 

Alan Levine

Nurses Week officially begins Friday, May 6, and runs through Thursday, May 12, while Healthcare Week starts on Saturday, May 8, and concludes Saturday, May 14.

This year, I think all of us would agree that no matter what you do, whether a nurse, a technician, or even a non-clinical team member, we all contributed in a special way over the past two years to care for our communities.

Each of us has had to call upon strength from within that perhaps we didn’t even know we had. We all had to balance our servant hearts with the needs of our own loved ones. On behalf of our board of directors, our patients and our communities, I can say without hesitation that our pride in everyone who is in the Ballad Health family is unrivaled.

You know, it takes faith and a certain sense of servant leadership when we come to work each day as healthcare providers. We are the lifeline for people at their most vulnerable, and we see the best and worst in people both in terms of their physical and mental conditions, but also as they carry their own life struggles to our doorstep. It is not always easy, but the sense of joy I see in our people each day is inspiring.

Our mission is to “honor those we serve….”   And I couldn’t be prouder to share a couple of examples of our mission in action.

First, a story of Ballad Health team members in Greeneville:

When team members arrived for their 7 a.m. shift at a medical office building, an elderly man was waiting outside the building and told staff he was not from the area but wanted to know where the hospital was located. His wife had been transported to the hospital and he was unable to join her in the ambulance. He wanted to be by her side, but was confused and distraught.

While giving him directions, the team members noticed he didn’t seem OK. Rather than sending him on his way, one of our behavioral health therapists jumped into his own vehicle and offered to escort the man to Greeneville Community Hospital, so he could get there quickly and safely. THAT was a mission moment.

Something seemingly so small and easy for one person meant so much to someone else. This happens every day, everywhere in Ballad Health.

But it’s also the everyday, seemingly normal things which matter, too. Take this story from Holston Valley Medical Center:

Registered nurse Mara Diaz-Gil noticed the vitals of a patient in the CICU change and she immediately reached out to the doctor. The patient’s condition declined shortly after this, due to hemorrhaging. He required multiple units of blood and another trip to the operating room. If Mara had not acted when she did, it is very likely the patient would not have survived. 

Mara would say she was just doing her job. Of course she would! Yes, it was her job, but she did it well. She used the gift she had of good judgment, and she saved a life. That’s just powerful.

For 20 consecutive years, nursing has been ranked the most trusted profession. Medical doctors ranked in second place among all professions. People put their trust in you and that means something.

No words can express the gratitude we have for your service, but we do want to give all our team members a small gift to celebrate Nurses Week and Healthcare Week this year. Beginning next week, all Ballad Health team members will receive a special 2022 Ballad Health National Healthcare Week T-shirt. The T-shirts will be given to managers to be distributed to team members, so keep an eye out for more information coming soon. 

Also, we will begin airing a new series of videos on television and social media featuring our patients giving thanks for the work you do every day. I invite you to watch the first one by clicking on one of these two links. The first one is on the Ballad Health Intranet (on internal devices) and the second one is on our YouTube Channel (external devices only).  

(NOTE: See video also posted below this message.)

On behalf of the Ballad Health Board of Directors and the entire senior leadership team, we thank you — our nurses and team members – for your service, dedication and commitment to caring for our region.

Thank you and God bless, 


NOTE: Click on the video screen below to see our first video featuring patients thanking their caregivers.